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'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

Monday kicked off the start of the national campaign urging drivers and passengers to buckle up.

Officials said they hope "Click It or Ticket" campaign reminds people that wearing a seat belt could mean the difference between life or death.

Many fatal accidents could have been avoided if people were wearing their seat belts. Last year officials said more than 360 fatal crash victims in Tennessee weren't wearing seat belts. So far this year, 128 fatal crash victims were unrestrained.

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

by Anita Wadhwani, , The Tennessean

Kids can't buy tobacco products, but in Tennessee children as young as 9 are working in tobacco fields and suffering symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning, according to a report by an international human rights group.

Mission of Hope kicks off Blue Barrel Christmas Campaign

Mission of Hope kicks off Blue Barrel Christmas Campaign

In our own backyard, there are thousands of people hungry and cold tonight. Thankfully, the Mission of Hope works all year to help ease the burden for our neighbors in rural Appalachia, and Friday, you can help make Christmas bright for thousands of children in that region.

The 18th annual Mission of Hope Blue Barrel Christmas campaign kicks off.

Knox Co. students can receive FluMist vaccinations this month

Knox County students will soon have the opportunity to receive the FluMist vaccine at school, but only if their parents approve.

The Knox County Health Department (KCHD) will kick off this year's in-school influenza vaccination program on September 16. Clinics will be held elementary and middle schools as well as some Head Starts, private schools and child care centers.

Crews spraying for mosquitoes in East, South Knoxville

Health department crews are spraying for mosquitoes in parts of East and South Knoxville Thursday night.

Crews are spraying along North Cherry Street and Magnolia Avenue in East Knoxville, and spraying a few neighborhoods near Chapman Highway a second time.

The Health Department says it's trying to stop the spread of West Nile Virus. They have only found the virus in mosquitoes so far. There have been no human cases.

Health officials ask you stay indoors while spraying.

Free HIV testing offered through Saturday

The Knox County Health Department is trying to make it easier to learn your HIV status.

In honor of National HIV Testing Day, the health department teamed up with the Helen Ross McNabb Center and Walgreens to offer free HIV testing through Saturday.

The tests will be offered at the Walgreens pharmacies on North Broadway at Woodland Avenue, and Chapman Highway at Moody Avenue. The tests are confidential. A quick oral swab will give reliable results in 20 minutes.

Counseling and referrals are available for anyone who takes a test.

Health department sprays mosquitoes to prevent spread of West Nile

The Knox County Health Department plans to spray for mosquitoes to stop the spread of West Nile Virus. Crews will spray between 9 o'clock and midnight in the Chapman Highway area of South Knoxville.

A lab report confirmed mosquitoes in that area tested positive for West Nile. It's important to note there have been no human cases of West Nile Virus in Tennessee this year.

Ronnie Nease, the director of environmental health for the Knox County Health Department, joined us in the 10News studio with more. You can watch that entire conversation in the video above.