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Superstorm Sandy delays flights in East Tennessee | News

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Superstorm Sandy delays flights in East Tennessee
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Superstorm Sandy delays flights in East Tennessee

Thousands of flights are canceled throughout the country. At McGhee
Tyson airport, as of 8:00 am Tuesday 6 flights had been canceled with
more expected throughout the day and Wednesday.

The cities affected are New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

If your travel plans include Atlanta and Charlotte, those destinations are showing on time departures, however, you might have s canceled flight from there.

The airport in Chattanooga shows no cancellations. The Nashville airport has cancellations all over the Northeast.

McGhee Tyson Spokeswoman, Becky Huckaby, encourages all airline travelers to check with their airline before coming to the airport.

Some airlines are rebooking guests through November 7th.

With some airports completely shut-down thanks to Superstorm Sandy, it could mean a lot of travel headaches through Wednesday.

Also, airport officials say more flights to cities could be canceled as the storm rages on.

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