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Crews call off quarry search for possible body | News

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Crews call off quarry search for possible body

Rescue crews spent about two hours Sunday searching for a body at the Fort Dickerson Park Quarry. The Knoxville Fire Department got a tip saying somebody jumped off of a cliff into a quarry and sank.

Crews were called to the scene shortly before five in the afternoon. Once they were on scene, they had boats in the water and divers searching for a possible body.

Divers and boats searched the quarry, searching up to one hundred feet down along a ridge.

A ridge, where witness Cody Adams said he saw a person dive off.

"I was out here just hanging with my friends out here and saw something like that happen and everything got weird," said Adams.

He said he saw what looked like a body slowly sink down and never come back up.

"I just screamed out, someone jump in there and help him," said Adams.

KFD and volunteer rescue crews spent two hours looking for a body. After turning up with nothing, they are unsure what fell in.

"At this point we aren't sure if the witness saw a rock or if they saw a person fall in," said DJ Corcoran with KFD.

It's now a waiting game. Crews packed up and left. If somebody files a missing persons report, the search will continue with a water rescue.

"If there is a missing persons report matching this description, then yea we would suspect there was a person in there," said Corcoran.

He said he doesn't recommend people even swimming in the quarry, let alone diving. He said it is as deep as 280 feet. And is unsafe because you cannot see the drop-off.


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