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Ijams Mead's Quarry sees growth in popularity | News

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Ijams Mead's Quarry sees growth in popularity

One spot in Knoxville is growing more and more popular every year. Mead's Quarry draws people looking for a new and fun experience in South Knoxville.

Three years ago, Rivers Sports teamed up with Ijams Nature Center to provide a way to play on the water.

River Sports has created quite a following. Sometimes so busy they have a waiting list.

"Over the fourth of July weekend we were so busy that we had people backed up to the dumpsters waiting in line to get on the water to do paddle boarding," said Lisa Taylor with River Sports.

Some people are just trying the activities for the first time. And some are avid customers.

"We usually come out here every weekend. It's fun for the whole family. My husband and my baby, 18-month-old up on the paddle board. She can stand and everything," said Megan Monday.

A lot of foot traffic to hit the tranquil waters helps River Sports, Ijams, and also the Beer Market, who sets up shop on site.

"It's just a great resource. It's beautiful to be around it. It's great to be around downtown and it's just a beautiful landmark. And it seems like paddle boarding is really catching on," said Monday.

The quarry is welcoming of the new trends and so is River Sports.

"I don't know if it is the activity, or the adventure, or the newness, I don't know what it was, but we did in one day what was done three years ago for the entire year," said Taylor.

Giving a new look to your hike no matter how you hear about it.

River Sports offers kayaks and paddle boards at the quarry this through Labor Day. They'll rent as long as weather permits.


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