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Tenn. homeowners benefit from settlement

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A preliminary report shows Tennessee homeowners are benefiting from a settlement reached with the nation's top five mortgage servicers.

Tennessee and 48 other attorneys general and federal agencies reached the agreement with the servicers in April following a series of state and federal investigations into improper foreclosures and industry practices.

Knoxville officials prepare for busy weekends ahead

Knoxville officials prepare for busy weekends ahead

Hundreds of thousands of people will flood Knoxville this weekend for the annual Boomsday and Labor Day activities.

"They're estimating somewhere around 400,000 for the entire event," said Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch.

Construction on the Henley Bridge complicates things this holiday weekend, and as crowds fill the city for the weekends to follow.

Knoxville police will be out in force this weekend directing traffic and monitoring drivers.

Knoxville Ice Bears re-sign Olauson

Knoxville Ice Bears re-sign Olauson

The Knoxville Ice Bears Head Coach Mike Craigen announced today that the club has signed all-star forward Emery Olauson.

TN schools rewarded for growth, achievement

Clinic's closure cuts Knoxville abortion services by a third

A crowd of East Tennesseans gathered in Knoxville's Tyson Park Monday afternoon to celebrate the closure of a local abortion provider.

Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic closed earlier this month, after state legislators passed a bill that required doctors at abortion providers to hold admitting privileges at local hospitals.

According to The Tennessean, the doctor who held such privileges at VWMC recently died.

East TN schools named "Reward Schools"

A handful of East Tennessee schools are making the grade with the Tennessee Department of Education.

Leaders released a list of Reward Schools Monday. It represents the top five percent of Tennessee's schools with the highest achievement and top five percent in overall growth. The measure is part of the new classification system implemented with Tennessee's federal "No Child Left Behind" waiver.

Governor Bill Haslam joined Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman and others at an elementary school in Brentwood to reveal the list.

Knox Commission discusses future of CTAS

Knox Commission discusses future of CTAS

The fifteen Knox County employees who signed up to complete a continuing education class this year can still collect their bonuses of up to $1,000.

But Knox County Commissioners voted Monday to suspend the program in the future until an investigation in to the practice is complete.

The program, known as CTAS, first came under scrutiny when it was discovered several employees were awarded bonuses when they didn't complete the coursework.


The revelation prompted an ongoing investigation in to Trustee John Duncan's office.